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I am one of many children at home

I am the only girl, my mother's pride and joy

Or. That's what I should be.

As the only girl I should be joy of the

As the only girl I should make my mother proud

As the only girl I should do what's expected of me

But I haven't.

I've had sex

I've drank

I've smoked

She's found me with hickies and cursed me, saying that I am a disappointment and I disgust her

I am not what she wants me to be, it's seems like I'm a product of this terrible world

But I will not let her words break me anymore , I won't give her my power

I am my own person

I am allowed to make mistakes

I am beautiful even though she's told me so many times I'm not

I will overcome everything and climb out of my dark hole

This is MY STORY and it's only just begun


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