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Find Your Voice Workshop

March 4 & March 12

We are excited to announce our public speaking workshop happening in March 2023! The Project Voices: Find Your Voice Workshop is geared toward young girls who are 8-13 years old and eager to improve their public speaking and presentational skills. This program will provide a safe space for young girls to speak freely and gain confidence and will equip students with vital speaking experience.

Every month, our workshops follow a different theme to focus on a specific aspect of public speaking. This March, we will be exploring various activities to help students find and establish their voices.

Throughout the two sessions of this workshop, students will:

  • Learn how to effectively communicate their ideas in different settings

  • Gain confidence when speaking in front of an audience

  • Participate in engaging activities, including impromptu speaking games and word riddles

  • Discover successful body language tactics to enhance their speaking presence

  • Learn the composition of a persuasive argument

  • Develop tactics for navigating thought-provoking, difficult topics and advocating for their ideas

Public speaking appears in many forms, such as reading aloud during class, collaborating with peers on a project, and communicating ideas and opinions effectively. This workshop was designed to help young students, specifically female and gender-expansive youth, develop these essential speaking skills and confidence in their ideas and abilities.


This workshop will be taught by Caroline Bae, the founder of Project Voices and an avid public speaker and debater. She has participated in competitive public speaking since middle school and was recently recognized as the 1st Place United States Speaker at the 2022 International Independent Schools’ Public Speaking Competition. 


Caroline started Project Voices with the belief that all girls should be heard and their opinions valued. She created this workshop to further promote this message and help young girls develop their voices, confidence, and speaking skills.


All sessions will be held virtually on Zoom.

This workshop will consist of two sessions on March 4th and March 12th from 4-5:30 pm EST, though this time may be adjusted based on students’ needs.

This workshop is free to students. For those who wish to support an organization whose mission aligns with Project Voices’ values, an option is offered to make a donation to the Malala Fund. For additional information about this organization or to make a donation, please click here. While there is a suggested donation amount, monetary donations will not affect students’ roles or participation during this workshop. The suggested donation amount is $10, but any monetary contributions are welcomed and appreciated.


To register for this workshop, please fill out this form.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions or clarifications.

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